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Data traineeships for analytical talent 

Take off on a journey with Fresh Forces. During our data traineeships you explore working for large organizations in analytical roles while we take responsibility of your development. Discover your strengths and weaknesses and find out your professional preferences such as role, sector and environment. At the end of this thrilling journey with us, you will stand out from the crowd with your diverse experiences.

Learning on the job

70% of your learning happens through hands-on experience and real-world challenges. It's time to roll up your sleeves and dive right into the action. Get ready to learn by doing.

Shared learning

Learning isn't a solitary journey, it thrives in a collaborative environment. Engage with peers, your coach, and experts in your field. Together, we learn better!


The hard- and soft skill training sessions ensure you have a strong foundation and equip you with essential theoretical frameworks for your career in data and analytics.

your project

You work for partner organizations for approximately 36 hours a week where you explore different roles in a variety of sectors and industries. As the launch to your career suggests: we provide the projects, you provide the motivation!

your development

Over 5% of your time can be spend on personal and professional development. From regular coaching and education to supporting your peers in their journeys. Keep learning!

your impact

On different occasions each year, we make sure we do some good. To give back to society, you and other colleagues are working on several projects for NGO’s. These organizations don’t pay for our help – but our Fresh Forces are always motivated to make some impact.

How we hire

Step 1

Send us your application.





Step 2

Laura, our talent manager, calls you for a quick introduction. No worries – just be yourself!

Step 3

Time for our assessment day. Let’s find out if we are a good fit and have some fun!


Step 4

Ready for take-off! You will kick off your journey with our bootcamp and soon you can start your first project.


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