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When applying for a job at Fresh Forces, together we will go on a journey. Your development is our responsibility. We will make sure you can work for large organizations in an analytical role. What analytical role that will be depends on the type of organization.
During your flight with us, you get to see several organizations in different roles. Because to be fair: do you already know what your strengths and weaknesses are? Or in what sector you are going to work? At the end of your stay with us, you will know. We promise.

Traineeship Business Analytics (NL)

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your week

You will work at partner organizations for approximately 36 hours a week. This can be in different analytical roles and in different kinds of industries and sectors. As the launch to your career suggests: we will provide you with different assignments.

your development

Over 5% of your time you can work on your personal and professional development. From having monthly talks with external coaches, retrieving new knowledge on different subjects to helping your peers with their path. How this is going to work out depends on your type of assignment –however on the Friday afternoon you are more than welcome to be at our office in Eindhoven or Utrecht to work on your skills. And of course,it’s possible to stay a little bit longer and have a drink.

your impact

On different occasions each year, we make sure we do good. To give back to society, you and other colleagues are working on several projects for NGO’s. These organizations don’t pay for our help, but we are immensely motivated to help them with our combined Fresh Forces.

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