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The ambitions of your organization are sky high. Today’s possibilities are endless. That implicates change, acceleration, and innovation. Therefore, you need smart and entrepreneurial talents that launch and strengthen your organization. Talents with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, who are up for challenge, are driven by curiosity, have enormous ambitions and aren’t limited by too much experience.

Unfortunately, those are hard to find. In fact, the roles have been reversed. Talent has the luxury of being able to choose. We hate to say it, but for you 10 other companies…

That’s where we come in. We build the bridge. Because in the meanwhile, next gen high potentials are looking for a great start of their career. Due to a lack of practical experience and a surplus of choices, they are searching. And we’re here to help them explore.


Our entrepreneurial talents are eager to get started at your organization in different analytical roles. This is how we ensure a launch right from the start:


With our tailored recruitment program, we ensure that only the best talents join forces.


We understand the challenges and ambitions of you and your business and make sure we create the best match for you and your team.


We lift off with a bootcamp and help our talents to bring their hard and soft skills to the next level. Immediately from the start.


After that, your new colleague(s) are ready to start working in your team for a period of 6 to 12 months. And maybe even longer if you turn out to be the right fit.


We continue to develop our Fresh Forces with a talent & development program for over 4 hours a week.

Part of the Frisse Blikken Group

Fresh Forces is part of the Frisse Blikken Group. We share the entrepreneurial mindset, value acceleration and innovation and build the bridge between large organizations and talented starters. Together, we make sure the next generation talents work at our clients. Proud to say that we’ve worked with the following organizations...

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