The sky is the limit

The ambitions of your organization are sky high meanwhile the world is changing at a rapid speed. In order to keep up with these changes you need smart and entrepreneurial talents with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Talents who are up for a challenge, driven by curiosity and full of ambition.

In short: you need Fresh Forces!


Looking for talent ?


With our tailored recruitment program, we ensure that only the best talents join forces.


We listen and aim to understand the challenges and ambitions of you and your business to make sure we create the best match.


We lift off with a 2-week bootcamp and help our talents to develop their hard and soft skills to the next level. Right from the start.


After that, your new colleague is ready to start working in your team for a period of 6 to 12 months. Perhaps even longer if you turn out to be the perfect fit.


We continue to develop our Fresh Forces with a talent and development program for over 4 hours a week.


Why Fresh Forces?

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Analytical talent with fresh skillset

All our talents have an analytical background, graduated from a university and are ready to make an impact. They have the skills of the next generation: above average digital skills in which flexibility and innovation are of great importance.

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Entrepreneurial and innovative

We select, train and are known for the entrepreneurial skills and growth mindset of our talents. Typical self-starters who want to make an impact and bring positive energy and problem-solving skills.

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Real doers which ensure results

Seeing and doing what is necessary, intrinsically motivated to go the extra mile. This is how you can describe our employees. Nothing is more important than really solving our customer's challenges. We are the types you need.

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Becoming part of your team and organization

To make an impact, we join your team. Because of our fresh skillset and analytical background, combined with your knowledge of the business, new ideas arise. Together we solve problems or temporarily assist your organization for support.

Ready for some Fresh Forces?

Our team of entrepreneurial data enthousiasts is ready to help organizations innovate and accelerate. With our analytical perspectives we see patterns or possibilities you didn't even imagine. Looking forward to meet you! Fill in the form below and we'll be in touch. Or, are you looking to accelerate your career in data?

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