Traineeship Business Analytics (EN)

The Netherlands

40 H/week

€ 2700


Ready to launch your career with our Traineeship Business Analytics?

You are at the start of your career. Hopefully, you feel excited about the future and primed to put your knowledge and skills into practice. Preferably somewhere that values your problem solving skills and innovative mindset and where you’ll have the freedom to explore your new life as a young professional.

You also have a lot of unanswered questions that make committing to a specific role or company in Business & Analytics difficult. “What kind of job do I want, at what sort of company, and in which sector?” “What drives me?” “And what does a professional life in data or business analytics even look like?”

If you need a little more time to figure all this out and want to try your hand at different jobs in the sector (as a junior business analyst, data analyst, business intelligence consultant, analytical project manager or business and change consultant, for example), we got you!

At Fresh Forces, we offer a two to three-year traineeship in business analytics that will launch your career while you’re still in the process of finding your feet in working life. During this time, we’ll not only expand your professional horizon, but will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and tools that will guarantee you’ll be a success – wherever your working life takes you.

How we kickstart your career in Business Analytics

At Fresh Forces, you’ll work in an analytical role for large organizations. During your time with us, we’ll give you the opportunity to explore a range of different companies and roles while discovering more about your strengths and weaknesses, which sector(s) in the analytical domain you align with most, what drives you and gives meaning to your working life.


Your Fresh Forces traineeship will start with a two-week bootcamp which, aside from being a lot of fun, will lay the foundation for you to hit the ground running at your first client.


Your development – the sky’s the limit


Fresh Forces wants nothing more than to empower you to get the most out of yourself and reach your potential. To achieve this, we’ve created a customizable Booster program that we use to create a tailor-made development program to lift our Forces’ personal and professional development to another level. You’ll follow this program on top of the on-the-job training you’ll be participating in for your client.


At Fresh Forces, talent development is not incidental; we have regular weekly times during which we specifically zoom in on your developmental needs, creating a learning environment in which you – with the help of your coach, buddy, and fellow Forces – can grow at lightning speed.

Why get on board?

Perfect fit for you.

You just started your career, and you’d like to explore the market a little before settling down. We get that. Let’s find the perfect fit for you.

A job with impact.

Every employee at Fresh Forces creates tangible results for our clients while also helping us to expand as an organization.

Personal and professional growth.

While you’re with us, you’ll spend at least half a day per week on talent development. Just make sure to strap in before take-off!

We believe in you.

And so do our clients. Rest assured that your talent will be much needed. Expect to see your responsibilities expand as your star rises!

Hard work pays off.

You’ll receive a wage (a gross salary of €2700 based on 40 hours) from the start – in addition to an iPad, iPhone and a public-transport card.

Ready for take off!

At Fresh Forces, we don’t believe in never-ending lists of requirements and unnecessarily long application procedures. We prefer to meet face to face and get to know the real you!


Did you resonate with what we have to offer? Have you graduated from university or are you expecting to graduate soon? Feeling up for an analytical challenge? And are you located in The Netherlands and permitted to work following the Dutch regulations? Let’s get in touch!


Simply fill in your name and list your contact details and LinkedIn profile and schedule an exploratory phone call with Laura, our talent manager. Laura will get in touch for a brief chat, and if she thinks you’re a good match for Fresh Forces, we’ll invite you to join our selection day.


Reach her via +31 6 38 94 48 25 or for any questions you might have.


“Launching in… three… two… one…”