Dan about his role as exposure analyst

Laura Gommers - June 14, 2023

Hello, I’m Dan and I joined Fresh Forces last September. I have a background in Physics and that’s where I discovered my passion for data science. Currently, I’m working as an exposure analyst at Shell.

What does your role entail?

As exposure analyst, I manage the data quality and flow from different sources and departments to provide adequate advise to the trader about what commodities need to be ordered.

What is the most valuable lesson you’re learned during your project?

My biggest lessons learned is definitely the importance of communication. My role requires me to communicate with different people from different departments to make sure everything runs and all data flows correctly.
A part of communication is also accepting that not everybody works in the same way and sometimes you have to be patience before you get your answer.

What is the biggest challenge within your project?

Sometimes my daily works requires to split my focus. I’m more focused on one thing. With this role, it’s important to keep a lot of things in the back of your head and be mindful of all those things that can affect the analysis.

What skills have proven to be valuable in this project?

One of the most valuable assets is definitely curiosity and the ability to ask the right questions. You have to constantly ask questions: why is something the way it is? You also have to ask yourself questions if something went wrong to fix the issue.

What is the highlight during a typical day?

After figuring out a problem, it’s nice if you can influence certain stakeholders into working in a different way. When you manage to solve the problem on the long run by improving the way of working, it’s the best feeling.

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Dan Iatco

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