Cara about her project: Working in HR Analytics

Laura Gommers - June 15, 2023

Hi, I’m Cara Oerlemans. I’m originally South African and have been living in The Netherlands for over 5 years already. In September I started my journey with Fresh Forces in the data & business analytics program and I am currently working in the HR Analytics team at Versuni. I’m excited to tell you more about my project.

What is your role at Versuni?

I am a people analytics consultant at Versuni (Formerly known as Philips Domestic Appliances). This combines the general roles of a Data and Business Analyst.

What is the most valuable lessen you’ve learned from your project?

Asking the right questions to the right stakeholders early on in the project will make my life so much easier down the line. It’s important to understand the context of every department through a different perspective to be able to connect the dots to create actionable insights across the business.

What is the biggest challenge within your project?

Delays and change in reporting and data due to an ongoing digital transformation. In addition, making sure that I’m answering the bigger question at hand rather than getting lost in the details.

What is the highlight of a typical day?

Having lunch with my friendly colleagues or finally figuring out where the error from my INDEX(MATCH) is coming from! (Tip: check your data format – it will save you a lot of time and frustration)

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Cara Oerlamans

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