Lessons learned in our program for data professionals

[email protected] - August 23, 2023

To help you form the right expectations about what you can take away from our development program, we asked our young professionals about the most important lessons they’ve learned in their first year. Here’s a summary.

Be proactive: ask to be included and be engaged

When you actively seek out opportunities to engage in meetings, projects, and discussions aligned with your interests, you’re showcasing your eagerness to learn and contribute to the team. It also opens doors to networking with key stakeholders and gives you insights in decision-making processes.

Emphasize clear communication

The ability to communicate effectively is an invaluable skill for almost any professional role, including data scientist. Good communication skills can bridge the gap between data-driven insights and practical solutions, it ensures that insights are understood and actionable. Moreover, communication plays a big role in expectation management. Be clear to one another about deliverables and deadlines to prevent disappointments. Equally important is active listening, particularly when collaborating with colleagues or interacting with stakeholders.

Cultivate curiosity and ask the right questions

Young professional programs offer an excellent platform to foster curiosity and develop the art of asking the right questions. By putting this to practice, junior employees can not only uncover critical information but also challenge existing consumptions, leading to solutions that otherwise might go unnoticed. Embracing curiosity allows you to delve deeper into the multifaceted dimensions of your role.

Understand the Structure of the Organization

Navigating the organizational structure is vital for anyone to make an impact in any area of expertise. Learning how departments interact, understanding decision-making processes, and identifying key stakeholders will help you with your integration in the organization. Not only the structure is important, the corporate culture will also tell you a lot. Being able to recognize and adapt to these cultural nuances, will help you align your work with the company’s values and objectives.

Wow… that’s a lot! Don’t let it get to you, as said at the beginning, these are things our young professionals discovered after a whole year: through training, coaching and learning on the job. Don’t feel the pressure to master all these aspects perfectly immediately post-graduation. Instead, keep them in mind as you embark on new roles or projects. Curious to read more about our program for young professionals? Check our career page.

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