Unlock your potential: Fresh Forces' Development Program for Data Professionals

Laura Gommers - February 15, 2023

Welcome to Fresh Forces’ Development Program for data roles! We are excited to offer recent graduates the opportunity to jumpstart their careers in the field of data analytics and IT. Our program is designed to help young talents create a strong foundation as a professional and develop the 21st century skills needed to achieve your ambitions.

Our program is founded on three development pillars that guide your professional growth.

My home base

You’re still in the process of finding your feet in working life. During our program you get the chance to develop a strong foundation as a professional and explore your personal preferences. We’ll not only expand your professional horizon, but will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and tools that will guarantee you’ll be a success – wherever your working life takes you.

Skills covered in this pillar include: Personal Leadership, Career Exploration, Energy Management.

My entrepreneurial working behavior

We focus on developing a fresh 21st century skill set with strong people skills and behaviors befitting an entrepreneurial professional. Gaining the confidence your need to take on challenges as a young professional.

This pillar is built on skills like: Innovation, Collaboration, Planning & Management, Growth Mindset, and Social & CulturalAwareness.

My analytical skills

Putting your skills as a data professional to practice. With this pillar you get to delve deeper into your chosen specialization in the analytical domain. Tailored to your preference and the projects you do. Preparing you for roles like data analyst, data engineer, business intelligence consultant or other jobs in the business, IT & analytics field.

In this pillar we focus on the following skills: SQL, Power BI, Python, data science for business, and other hard skills needed in the job you do for the client.

Your development. Our responsibility.

Curious how we ensure the best possible outcome for our trainees? We believe in the following success factors:

  1. Level of assignments – We provide diversity of projects with appropriate build-up (from supportive to more independent), with the opportunity for personal level adjustment.
  2. Value for the client – We leave room for personal adjustments to ensure that our development program is aligned with the organizational goals day-to-day business on the job.
  3. Guidance – We provide an employee support system, covering everything from on the job guidance to coaching, training and personal and professional development.
  4. A fresh program – We focus on the right way of working and skill building, appropriate to next generational talents.
  5. Learning on the job – We believe that practice makes perfect and are committed to a 70/20/10 approach. Meaning that 70% of learning takes place on the job, 20% is shared learning and 10% is training and coaching.

Our way of working

Your coach, talent manager and peers: we’re all on the same page when it comes to your development. We agree on our way of working and values, including:

  • You are at the centre. Each part of the program starts from the personal compass: who are you and how do you relate to the subject? We make it personal and relatable.
  • No shine without friction. With respect for personal boundaries, we challenge trainees to go the extra mile in a safe learning environment.
  • Inclusive and socially responsible behaviour are not a hype. We see it as our responsibility to encourage our people to take an exemplary role in this.

During your time at Fresh Forces, you’ll spend at least 4 hours per week on your professional development. Ready to launch your career in business, IT & analytics? Join us today or sign up for our talent pool and stay updated about future opportunities and events.

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