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Just graduated, the world at your feet. Ready to start your professional career and to put your skills and knowledge into practice. Today’s endless possibilities are exciting. But may feel like a big jump at the same time.


There’s still a lot of unanswered questions. What job, company or which sector fits my preferences? What drives me? How does working life even really work? You will have to make a choice.

We feel you! Fresh Forces ensures a flying start to your professional career! You get the chance to work for large, impactful organizations in different business and data analyst roles or as analytical project manager. Simultaneously working on both your personal and professional development and having the freedom to explore what you want and need in a job. After 2-3 years we are sure that you are fully ready to make the right choice, and then.. we will split ways.

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Fresh Forces is part of the Frisse Blikken Group. We share the entrepreneurial mindset, value acceleration and innovation and build the bridge between large organizations and talented starters. Proud to say that we’ve worked with the following organizations:

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Laura Gommers – Fresh Talent Manager


Creative and always ready to take on new challenges. Animal lover at heart and enjoys a nice forest ride with her horse. Is at her best when she can grow meaningful connections with the people around her.


Life motto: Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create it.


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Tim Schulte – Founder Fresh Forces


Lives in Veldhoven, has lot’s of energy and is always positive. You can wake him up for Italian or Mexican food and to talk about cars (or anything with an engine basically).


Powerful quote: ”If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough” from Mario Andretti


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  Aimée – Trainee Business Analytics


  Guido – Trainee Business Analytics


  Tom – Trainee Business Analytics

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