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There's no denying: data is the invaluable resource shaping our modern world. With the ever-growing challenges and opportunities presented by data, you may find yourself pondering the most effective ways to tackle them. Additionally, you might question whether your current workforce possesses the necessary skills to navigate this data-driven landscape. At Fresh Forces, we specialize in connecting skilled and analytical young professionals with leading organizations. Our team of entrepreneurial talents thrives on embracing the business, data, analytics, and IT challenges that lie ahead, driven by their passion to make a tangible impact within your organization.


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There you are. Young professional, the world at your feet. Ready to start your professional career and to put your analytical skills and knowledge into practice. Today’s endless possibilities are exciting but may feel like a big jump the same time. Are you overwhelmed by the amount of career choices? Our data traineeship gives you a flying start to your professional career by exploring different roles and organizations before committing.

Fresh Forces gives you the chance to work for large, impactful organizations in different business, data and analytical roles. Have the freedom to explore what you want and need in a job while working on your personal and professional development. After 2-3 years you are fully ready to make the right choices and decide the direction you want to go.

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Fresh Forces is part of the Frisse Blikken Group. We share the entrepreneurial mindset, value acceleration and innovation and build the bridge between large organizations and talented starters. Proud to say that we’ve worked with the following organizations:

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